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cooking adventures with a bestie would be totally rad
cause you either end up with food (who doesn’t want food??) or you get to laugh at how shitty ya’ll cooked

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Success, after all, loves a witness, but failure can’t exist without one.

― Junot Díaz (via psych-quotes)

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I got sick during a concert today so I went outside to the food truck area for a walk/to get some fresh air and a guy offered me a sample, but I declined, telling him, “Sorry, but no thank you, I don’t feel so well.” He replied, “I’m sorry about that.” and started walking with me. I didn’t even notice until I was at the end of the parking lot and that’s when he said, “Sorry, I hope you feel better. I have to get back before the guys yell at me for walking with a girl while on the job. Bye.” He gave me a smile and rubbed my shoulder. It was the sweetest gesture I’ve ever received. His voice was super comforting, too. It was nice, even though I didn’t really talk to him. I wish I had noticed earlier.

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allusions will be the death of me

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Psych2go features various psychological findings and myths. In the future, psych2go attempts to include sources to posts for the purpose of generating discussions and commentaries. This will give readers a chance to critically examine psychology.

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mosaics are made from broken pieces but they’re still works of art and so are you

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Title: the diss of the century Artist: Rap Monster 37,303 plays

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