1: Slept naked / nude?
2Favourite food?
3Do you like Nutella?
4: Prefer natural juice or soda?
5: Chocolate or vanilla?
6: Cheese or pepperoni? 
8Do you like fruit?
9Do you take any medication?
10: Is there sickness?
11: What was the last time you went to the dentist?
12Do you know how to dance?
14Have you told someone a secret?
15: What was the last thing you drew?
16A moment that will never forget?
17Do you play any instruments? 
18A film that made you cry?
19: What would you like to receive as a birthday present?
20: What is the favourite flavour of gum?
21: Do you miss something? what?
22A person who marked your life and went away?
23: Name of your first Girlfriend (a)?
24: How long have you had tumblr?
25Do you like barbecue?
26Do you like films?
28: What day of the week do you prefer?
29: Sunday is a great day for 
30: Name the last person you talked to?
31A song that sticks in your head?
32The name of a person you do not support?
33A reason to follow you?
34The best time of day?
35: Beach or field?
36: A field / discipline that you do not support?
37: The name of the professor / teacher who was your favorite?
38: Worst moment that has passed?
39: Something that makes you sad?
40Something that makes you happy?
41: Do you have many followers?
42: Have you had someone who you did not deserve?
43: Who is the most important person to you?
44: What if your mother died?
45: A singer you like?
46: Someone who’s there for you?
47: Have you smoked?
48: Drink vodka?
49: What is the last movie you saw in theaters?
50: A book I‘ve read and reread several times?
51: Favourite Actor?

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