Title: Howl's Moving Castle Theme Artist: Sungha Jung (cover) 3,273 plays

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Sorry for my drunk handwriting but I found this in my pocket from last night.

I’m not the type to get drunk, but when I did you were on my mind all night…


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Anonymous asked: 6. 12. 20. 41. 46.

6. (Have you ever) Cried yourself to sleep? yes
12. (Have you ever) Smoked? no
20. (Do you) Masturbate? lol
41. (This or that) Beer or vodka? never had vodka
46. (Would you ever) Have a threesome? fux no

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Anonymous asked: 1,13,16,18.

1. Been drunk? yes
13. Felt lonely? yes
16. Biggest wish? success and happiness
18. Biggest fear? failure, no one being there, and never recovering

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Anonymous asked: what is your favorite color(s)?

deep reds and grey (anything with a grey tone especially blue grey. it reminds me of rain)

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Anonymous asked: hi kerry

omg i swear elBa

2 weeks ago on 08/06/14 at 10:27pm

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when i find stretch marks on my thighs i make a point of smooching them because they’re just doing their best at keeping the all-powerful immortal Being within me from ripping my mortal shell asunder in a blaze of heavenly glory and eviscerating the cosmos in my divine wrath

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